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From Dan <>
Subject Re: registering
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 19:30:33 GMT
Denise May wrote:
> Okay, you are right about what I want to do, but I should have said that
> I'm using OOo for Mac.  I don't have an Options option under Tools.
> I'm trying to use spreadsheet info from another person to create a
> membership directory.  I think I need to convert it to base, but not sure.
>   I usually only use text docs or spreadsheets.  I have used databases in
> the past in Appleworks and Bento.  This is quite a bit different.  I
> appreciate any and all help.  I've found several sources of tutorials, but
> none that I can quite "get" that explains how to convert the ss to a dbase.
>   Thanks.
> Denise

      To convert a spreadsheet to a dBase file, you only need to save 
the spreadsheet as a dBase file. Open the spreadsheet in Calc. Then 
click the Save As icon or use File > Save As or use Control+Shift+S. 
Name the file. The ALL FORMATS drop down list has dBase as one of its 
choices. Select it, select where to save it, and save it.
      Remember that doing this will only save the sheet that you see. If 
you have more than one sheet in your spreadsheet, you will need to 
select and save each sheet. If this is the case, you probably should 
also create a folder to hold all of these dBase files.



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