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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Default ocale in headless mode
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 14:05:01 GMT
Hi Richard,

Rich Midwinter schrieb:
> I've tried running soffice and (after going through the first start wizard)
> seeing what's entered in the language settings, but that seemed to default
> to en_GB equivalent values.

Try to not use any "default", but set the language explicitly.

There might be some Linux specific ways to set the locale, but I cannot 
help you with Linux.

Another setting might be in the default templates. When the language 
pack is installed, the default templates should have the correct language.

And documents itself might have set the language. Besides hard setting 
for single text parts, it is done in the styles. They are hierarchical 

But I have neither experience in "headless mode" nor in Linux. So others 
might be more helpful.

You should describe how "It's generating document previews for us." is done.

Kind regards

> Thanks
> On 23 July 2012 14:34, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
>> Hi Richard,
>> Richard Midwinter schrieb:
>>   Hi
>>> I'm running OOo in headless mode on a Linux instance, using a command much
>>> like:
>>> $ soffice.bin
>>> -accept=socket,host=,**port=8100;urp;StarOffice.**ServiceManager
>>> -env:UserInstallation=file:///**var/data/alfresco/oouser -nologo
>>> -headless
>>> -nofirststartwizard -nocrashrep -norestore
>>> It's generating document previews for us. Unfortunately the previews
>>> generated appear to be in an en_US locale, such as for Excel documents
>>> uploaded with a date in. Explicitly setting the locale for a cell in Excel
>>> is respected by OOo, this is only for the default case. We'd like to use
>>> en_GB and the output of $ echo $LANG is en_GB.UTF-8.
>>> How could I set the default locale for OOo?
>> Have you already tried to call AOO for this special user with UI, and then
>> set the local and the other language settings to en-GB? When you have
>> started AOO, you will find it in Tools > Options > Language Settings >
>> Languages.
>> Kind regards
>> Regina
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