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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: Possible Trojan in AOO installer
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 05:13:29 GMT
On 22/07/2012 John Marsh wrote:
> Today I downloaded Apache OpenOffice 3.4.0 from the Apache website (
> )The MD5 hash checked out ok. When I opened the
> installer I got an immediate alert from my security software (Norton
> Internet Security 2012) that it had found and removed a virus (see attached
> screenshot).
> I realize that this may be a false positive but I am unwilling to retry
> installation of AOO without some feedback from you.

Dear John, you probably didn't receive the three answers below since you 
are not subscribed to this public mailing list. See


If the MD5 hash checks out, then you have the very same file as
that AOO created; no Trojan horses, nor malware. It is safe to install
the program. As you stated, Norton gave you a false positive. However,
you need to follow the following instructions to install AOO without
getting a false positive. Norton will give you problems when installing
AOO unless you turn Norton off first. But to protect your computer you
need to follow these steps in the order listed.

There are specific steps to installing AOO:

1. Physically remove the computer from the Internet (remove RJ45 cable
    or turn off wireless). DO NOT CONTINUE UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THIS.
2. Close your anti-virus program (Norton in this case).
3. Install AOO.
4. Open your anti-virus program (it must be running before doing the
next step).
5. Connect the computer to the Internet.

David H. Lipman

It's a False Positive on a "trojan" not a virus.
Kandi Bauer

that's odd mine work just fine when Installed it. Kandi Bauer


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