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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: open office writer
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2012 13:49:48 GMT
Hi Dieter,

Your post has been moderated.

Dieter Lichtner schrieb:
> to whom it may concern, I am writing you from Germany to this email
> address, since I couldn't find another approprirate one.  If this is
> not the right place for my request, please be so kind and give me the
> right address.  Even better, just forward it to that one.

You can use for to write in German.

  I love to
> use open office writer and I have been writing literally thousands of
> pages with it. Very helpful for that is also your writing assistance
> which suggests a formerly written word if one types in the first
> three letters of it. It shows the remainder of the suggested word in
> blue background, so that, if you click on Enter, it completes the
> word. (I had to put it this way, since I do not know the technical
> expression for this help)

That is the feature "Word Completion".

  What I would like to know is if there is a
> way to prevent the assistance to delete the words it stored when one
> closes the writer, so that the accumulated "library" is available at
> every start of it.

No, not yet. See 
Look at comment #3, for to get a workaround.

  And, too, is it possible to get it to store words
> with eight letters already? (now it does it with ten and more). This
> would be of great advantage if someone, like me, types thousands of
> pages a year. The German language has words which have very many
> letters since you can just put single words together. This would make
> the writing assistance especially helpful for that language. I
> appreciate any effort to help me with this.

In Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Tab 'Word Cpmpletion' you will find a 
number field 'Min. word length' for that setting.

Kind regards

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