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From James Knott <>
Subject Re: AOo fails to open a M$ Word 2010 document...
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 16:01:50 GMT
e-letter wrote:
> On 18/07/2012,
> <> wrote:
>>>    I also belong to the opensuse mailing list and someone sent in a post
>>> abo=
>>> ut
>>>    a .doc that OOo won't open. He says it's an MS Word 2010 document.
>>>    I tried it with AOo 3.4 and sure enough, it won't open. It says it's
>>>    'corrupted' and asks to try and fix it which it fails at.
> Why should ao programmers waste their time? Have you written to m$ to
> ask them to improve the ability of their software to open odf files?
> It is far more important for ao to be able to perform in native file formats.
One thing that's been pointed out is that the file has the wrong 
extension.  Change it back to DOCX and it works fine.  When does someone 
changing a file extension become a bug in AOo?

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