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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Font Colors Problem
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2012 18:59:32 GMT
Hi Luis,

Luis MamanĂ­ schrieb:
> Hi! I have a problem with the Font Color in Writer. I can't change the
> font color of my documents. Recently I was modifying the Color Scheme
> from Appearance Options in Writer, but I reseted all to default and now
> the colors of Scheme shows Automatic. The problem is that I can't yet
> change the Font Color in my documents.
> If I test the documents in another PC, it shows all changes that I made
> with Writer in my PC. I don't know yet if the problem is a software bug
> or an option that I don't found and  is annoying me.

Perhaps you have missed some settings.
Candidates in Tools > Options are:
General > Appearance > General > Font Color. Should be "Automatic"
Accesibility > Options for high contrast appearance. The first two 
options should be unchecked, the third checked.

If you do not find the reason, rename the file 
"registrymodifications.xcu". Those settings are inside this file. It 
will be regenerated with default settings when you start AOO newly. You 
will loose other settings from the Tools > Options dialog and the recent 
file list. If it doesn't help, restore your old file.

Kind regards

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