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From <>
Subject Re: installation disk
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 00:41:44 GMT
On Mon, 16 Jul 2012 15:05:53 -0400
Thomas n Barbara Chapman <> wrote:

> I have a new imac (OS X Version10.7.3) but i still use a dial up system, 56k
> modem. Is an open office disk available so that i do not have to do a
> download.  I do not have a download manager nor do I know if one is
> available. My isp connection will shut down after 4 hrs and I am sure that is
> not enough time to download open office via my dialup.
> thanks
> Tom

  Hi Tom,

  I'm on dial-up also. The suggestion to use Curl is fine, but no matter what
  happens, it means you're not going to be able to do anything useful on the
  internet for the next three days trying to download it.

  What I did, was I e-mailed and asked them about making me a DVD of
  whatever it was I wanted (they normally make DVD's of Linux distro's).

  They e-mailed me back this:

Thank you for your email. We can provide files like the one in your 

If you email me an updated link, I can give you a link to order it. 
(BTW, you can send a list of files for one disc.. 700mb on a CD, or 
4700mb on a DVD).

  If you can, think of other large downloads to fill up the rest of a DVD with
  so that you get your $ worth (the cost is more than worth it if one is on
  dial-up, as you'll soon agree, I promise!) and it's not very much at all,
  something like five dollars IIRR. Just ask in the e-mail, they're very
  friendly folks.

  Here's the website

  Hope this works out for you. This guy should be supported as much as possible
  by folks like you and I in our situations.


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