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From drew <>
Subject Re: Admin Guide or some help please
Date Sun, 01 Jul 2012 17:32:34 GMT
On Sun, 2012-07-01 at 13:26 -0400, drew wrote:
> On Sun, 2012-07-01 at 17:53 +0100, Mark Mc Nicholas wrote:
> > Hi All,
> > We're looking at deploying OO in our company many work stations and I don't
> > need the exercise of going around to all the workstations setting the
> > default file format etc.
> > I read on that this could be done by setting up a central repo
> > of the config files and syncing them to the workstations. This would work
> > however there is no info on how to this.
> > I've looked here
> >
> > an admin guide but there appears to be nothing.
> > I've seen this product "" however we can't
> > afford it at the min. I've had a hard enough time convincing my bosses we
> > should give OO a try but if there is no admin documentation I can present
> > to them then the idea is dead before it starts
> > Can anyone please help on this one
> > Cheers
> > Mark
> Hi Mark
> Well this link works for me, just now
> The guide is a little old, but for the most part should still be valid.
> There are links on that wiki page for pdf and odf formats of the same
> gide, HOWEVER, the content in the wiki pages is IIRC more current then
> either the pdf or odt file.

me again - but maybe that link to the pdf isn't on the wiki - here is a
link to what I believe is the last published pdf version, published for
3.2 so like say a little bit out of date.

[fairly sure that is stored on the main webstie also, just can't pull up
the URL right now]


> As for openofficetechnology, they have been around for a good while. I
> can't comment from personal experience, though I can say I've only ever
> heard good things about them.
> I'd be remiss to not mention that Apache OpenOffice is made up of many
> parts, documentation being one of them, and these all require
> individuals to help or things simply stagnate. This admin guide is a
> good example, there is a great opportunity for someone to take the time
> and update the wiki pages when needed. While at this moment any time
> donated getting the odt source file in synch with the wiki pages would
> certainly be huge boost to the project overall.
> Best wishes,
> //drew
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