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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: Establish some rules of conduct
Date Sun, 08 Jul 2012 17:24:45 GMT
For ooo-users, moderators receive a special e-mail whenever there is a post from an e-mail
address that is not subscribed to the list.  The moderator has three choices: 

 1. accept the post (so it goes to the list, but it does not create a subscription), 
 2. reject the post (so a rejection notice is returned to the original sender),
 3. ignore the moderation message and allow the post to simply disappear without any response

In the case of spam, action (3) is taken, since there is no value in letting spammers know
their mail is reaching a working address.

Note that all of the moderators receive the same notification, and any one of them can act.
 (3) is a practice used by mutual agreement among the moderators.  Generally, most posts brought
to my attention receive (1) or (3).  

I do not moderate content beyond deciding borderline cases between (1) and spam.  If in doubt,
I go with (1).

Those are the only notifications that moderators receive, apart from direct e-mail communications
to ooo-users-owner@ i.a.o.  While I do read the list, I do not actively support posts and
questions.  That is not a moderator duty.  I can interact the same as any user here, of course.
 I had to subscribe the same as everyone else in order to do that.  

In most cases, I presume that the community of list users will work out what matters, including
sending the poster to a more appropriate place, providing links for repeatedly raised issues,
etc.  It is, after all, the purpose of the list to have a peer-supported structure.

If someone finds something very objectionable happening, they can bring it to moderator attention
by sending an e-mail to ooo-users-owner@  I don't consider any active
intervention unless there is a specific request.

And, as I said before, although moderators can unsubscribe an user there is no barrier to
their resubscription.  The moderators have no technical means to ban a subscriber.

Furthermore, moderators are volunteers the same as any other subscribers.  (Moderators are
not automatically subscribed, as far as I know.  I had to subscribe the same as anyone else.)

That is the limit on the technical means available to moderators.  If a different arrangement
is required, it needs to be taken to ooo-dev@ i.a.o where project policies and technical approaches
are determined.

 - Dennis

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From: Caesar [] 
Sent: Sunday, July 08, 2012 05:29
Subject: Re: Establish some rules of conduct

>On 7/7/2012 3:00 PM, Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
>> If this is a serious concern, it will be necessary to take any proposal and its discussion
to the ooo-dev list, where project deliberations are documented.  It might be easier to publish
a monthly FAQ about how the list works and what the guidelines are, rather than having enforced
>> As a moderator, I am uncomfortable with my duties being expanded to monitoring behavior
around hot-button situations.  I would not want to act without a complaint being copied to
ooo-users-owner@  Unilateral action is not something I am willing to
accept an accountability for.

Then perhaps you should ask yourself:

1) what are a moderator 's duties?

2) am I willing to discharge them?

I prefer mailing lists because they offer "moderation".  Without
moderation, then we degrade to Usenet.

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