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From Ross Dawson <>
Subject Re: Importing back improvements from LibreOffice
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 23:30:49 GMT
On Mon, 04 Jun 2012 22:25:34 +0200, you wrote:

>2012/6/4 drew <>
>> What? Look each group, all groups form a culture, there is one forming
>> here and there is one forming at the other project. It has nothing to do
>> with where the members of the group come from, both projects, both
>> groups of people are fairly diverse as individuals.
>Let's reserve the definition of a culture to real cultures. Not some
>fictive "you and I form one culture, Tony and I another, the same for
>Dwayne and I, Tony and Dwayne, you and Tony and you and Dwayne" type of
>Your argument that these groups cannot join forces because they come from
>different places code-wise is the kind of xenophobic and bigoted
>close-mindedness this project, and the whole open source community for that
>matter, could do without.
>> There are also some real differences at play here - many of those
>> differences are technical in nature, some are of a business model type
>> and others are just colloquial in nature, but they are all valid
>> differences of opinion between intelligent individuals.
>These are small differences. Differences that are easily set aside (all is
>fair in love and war) - if both parties want it enough - if both parties
>care more about creating the world's finest office suite than they do
>sowing disunity, flaunting their egos, or showcasing their hatred for a
>third party (Oracle) that isn't even around any more.
>Right now there is no guarantee that either project is going to thrive,
>> I hope that both do. One thing that I am sure of is that trying to treat
>> either as some how stunting the other, or of not being legitimate in and
>> of their own efforts will harm both in the long run.
>That was never the argument either. The argument was that since these two
>projects are almost identical - rather than keeping them apart and
>developing two mediocre products, we should join them together to develop
>one extraordinary product.

RIGHT ON!  There is only so much programming and engineering talent
out there WHY IN HELLS NAME DIVIDE IT......!!!

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