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From Alex Thurgood <>
Subject Re: Dates changed on entry in database
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2012 08:08:02 GMT
On 28/06/2012 06:19, Gary Aitken wrote:

Hi Gary,

> I have a form connected to a mysql database with a datetime field.
> The first time I enter a date for a new record, with the time portion of the field still
empty, the day is changed to be one day less.  For example, if I enter 2012-06-27 the date
is reformatted and changed to 06/26/12.  If I then clear out the date and time, and enter
the time, the date is set to 01/01/1800.

The offset is an old, old bug that has haunted OOo for years and raises 
its ugly head on a regular basis, then gets forgotten about (or the bug 
report dismissed), as it doesn't always seem to be reproducible. In the 
past, I've opened at least one I can definitely remember, but possibly 2 
or 3 bug reports for this terrible behaviour, but each time they were 
closed as unreproducible. There was also a discussion somewhere on the 
dba OOo mailing lists at one stage, but I guess that could only be found 
now by trawling the archives of those lists.

> If I then try to change the date by deleting it and entering 2012-06-27 again, it always
resets to 01/01/1800.  What's going on?
> Also, how do I change the default date display for everything in OO as a whole?

Under Tools > Options, you can set date handling for Calc, but 
unfortunately the different modules use different datetime 
routines/functions for the handling of dates, which is possibly one of 
the reasons why these problems occur. Another more basic reason might be 
rounding errors in date calculation within OOo, but I don't know where 
that could be found in the source code.

> Or if that's not possible, how do I change the date display for a datetime field in a
base form?  I tried ungrouping the label + datetime field, then ungrouping the datetime field,
then doing Format but everything is greyed out.

If you are in Form design mode, then you should be able to access the 
form's controls properties by right mouse button clicking on a field 
control representing the bound data field, and then setting its 
"properties" from the context menu. If you can't do this, then either 
your form is not properly bound to the underlying data, or else it is a bug.


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