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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: read (MS 2000) access (.mdb) file?
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 07:36:40 GMT

it's some time ago when I tried it but it was possible to create a 
database connection on Windows via ODBC by using the MS JET engine. 
Therefor you had to configure an existing .mdb file as ODBC connection 
within the Jet engine's option page within the system panel.
I'm not sure if this is possible anymore as the Jet engine is a bit aged.

Am 27.06.2012 07:18, schrieb Gary Aitken:
> I was searching and came upon some (old, oo 1.x and 2.x) posts about reading ms access
.mdb files via oo.  Is this still possible, and if so, can someone give me a pointer?  I don't
see connection to an access db an option in the base drop-down.  I don't need to write it;
just want to be able to read it to convert to mysql.  Or is there an open-source / free converter
available somewhere?

Kind regards, Joost

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