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From NoOp <>
Subject Re: Complex numbers in functions
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 21:07:52 GMT
On 06/06/2012 06:12 PM, Dan Lewis wrote:
> Easton, William wrote:
>> I am having difficulties trying to do complex number calculations.
>> First, it is a real pain to have to use functions for ordinary operations. I would
like to propose a simple switch that might pop up if a complex number were detected substituting
the complex versions of *,/,+,- for the real counterparts. Even more radical would be to do
the same for functions, but one might need a compatibility mode.
>> However, I am finding that things like improduct(1+2j;3-4j) do not work.
>> Advice? Thoughts?
>       Suggestion: While Excel uses semicolons (;) in its 
> functions, Calc uses commas (,):
>                improduct(1+2j,3-4j)

I think you have that backwords :-)

When all else fails, try F1/Help:

>From "About Converting Microsoft Office Documents"
7. Some functions/formulas (see below)
One example of differences between Calc and Excel is the handling of
boolean values. Enter TRUE to cells A1 and A2.
In Calc, the formula =A1+A2 returns the value 2, and the formula
=SUM(A1;A2) returns 2.
In Excel, the formula =A1+A2 returns 2, but the formula =SUM(A1,A2)
returns 0.

For a detailed overview about converting documents to and from Microsoft
Office format, see the Migration Guide.

>       What help does not seem to tell you is that complex 
> numbers should be written in this form:
> the  i or j used for the imaginary part of the complex 
> number should come first. Hence, your complex numbers can be 
> one of these: 1+i2 or 1+j2; 3-i4 or 3-j4. If you do not do 
> this, you will get  #NAME as a result.
>            Try improduct(1+j2,3-j4). It should give you the 
> desired result.

Again, from the Help file:

The result is the product of up to 29 complex numbers.
IMPRODUCT("ComplexNumber"; "ComplexNumber1"; ...)
ComplexNumber is a complex number that is entered in the form "x+yi" or
=IMPRODUCT("3+4j";"5-3j") returns 27+11j.

=IMPRODUCT("3+4j";"5-3j") works for me.

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