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From Johnny Rosenberg <>
Subject Re: [Calc] Feature request: Change default cell width from 2,27cm to 2,50cm
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2012 17:20:10 GMT
2012/6/4 James Knott <>:
> John Hart wrote:
>> The Metric system is just as idiotic as the English. Metric measurement is
>> good for people limited to thinking terms of ten, but it's hard for the eye
>> to divide and a millstone around the neck of carpenters not using CNC.  So
>> What!  Please keep the left wing political rants off the list!
> Why is it harder for an eye to divide than imperial?  Most of those who rant
> about the metric system are those who've never bothered to learn it.  I was
> also opposed to it, when I first came across it in high school science
> classes, but having worked with it for many years, it's superiority is
> clear.  In the old "imperial" measures, there are a few different ounces.
>  An imperial gallon is larger than a U.S. but a U.S. ounce is larger than
> imperial.  And a U.S. gallon is 128 oz, but imperial 160.  Does that make
> sense???  It's also a lot easier to scale from, for example, centimetres to
> kilometres, than inches to miles.  In metric, that's a simply multiplication
> by 10,000, but inches to miles is  × 12 × 5280.  Or do you prefer × 36 ×
> 1760?  Power of 10 conversions make is a heck of a lot easier to do mental
> calculations than multiplying all sorts of different numbers for the various
> units.  Lessee now, it's 12 inches to a foot, but 3 feet to a yard and 1760
> yards to a mile.  Or 8 ounces to a cup and 4 cups to a quart.  Or is that 5
> cups to a quart?  Yeah, that makes for real easy mental arithmetic.

I agree, but 1 km=100 000 cm, not 10 000… ;P

Kind regards

Johnny Rosenberg

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