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From "Maurice Howe" <>
Subject RE: Complex numbers in functions
Date Fri, 08 Jun 2012 22:21:58 GMT
Just a minor point: a quote symbol looks like this: "
A double quote would look like this: "" (although I've never seen it used).
This is an apostrophe: '
This is a double apostrophe: '' (also never used).
Yes, it's an accident of topography that they look the same, but they ain't!

Maurice D. Howe
General MacArthur Honor Guard Assn
616 Lacey Drive
Endwell, NY 13760

-----Original Message-----
From: M Henri Day [] 
Sent: Friday, June 08, 2012 2:40 PM
Subject: Re: Complex numbers in functions

2012/6/7 Shan Zhu <>

> Getting 9 as a result, it causes by incorrect parameter format in your 
> formula.
> The complex number should be put in a pair of double quotation marks, 
> like
> this:=IMPRODUCT("3+4i";"3-4i")
> The formula =IMPRODUCT(3+i4,3-i4) will be regarded as (3+ (value in 
> cell i4))*(3-(value in cell i4)), so it returns 9.
> The formula =IMPRODUCT(2+i2,0.5-i.5), i.5 is not a valid cell 
> reference, so #REF returned.
> Regards, Shan Zhu

Shan Zhu's instructions work fine for me ; after clicking the cell into
which I wish to enter the desired product, I then click the functions-guide
icon (*f(x)*) at the top of the spreadsheet, select <IMPRODUCT> from the
left panel in the box that then displays, and click <Next> in the bottom
row. In the right panel a list entitled <Complex numbers> now appears ; I
enter the complex numbers (in the form "a+bi") I wish to multiply into the
the boxes (which are ordered <Complex mumber, Complex number1, Complex
number2,>, etc,) in the list, after which the result of the operation
appears in the <Result box>. To move this result into the cell I've picked,
I then click <OK> in the bottom row.
<IMPRODUKT("3+4i";"3-4i";"3+4i";"3-4i")> entered in this manner gives 625 as
the product, which seems entirely satisfactory to me. But don't forget those
double quotation marks !...


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