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From Jonathan <>
Subject crash reporter question
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2012 08:47:16 GMT
I recently experienced a situation where OpenOffice froze completely 
(not even responding to mouse clicks) after I gave the command to print 
(ctrl-P).  I used ctrl-alt-delete to end the application, and then I 
immediately reopened it.  There was no need to recover the document (I 
had not made changes since last saving it), but I followed the 
document-recovery dialog anyway because I wanted to get to the crash 

But after completing the document recovery, only the first screen of 
the crash-reporter wizard showed up.  When I closed the already-saved 
document and clicked "next" in the crash-reporting wizard, the wizard 
went away.  Is there a way to submit the incident to the 
crash-reporting database manually?  (This computer is running Windows 
Vista, 32-bit version, service pack 2.  I have attached a copy of the 
report that was generated by the Windows Problem Reports and Solutions 


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