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From Mike Scott <>
Subject fonts not printing correctly -'bold' not bold enough when text rotated during printing.
Date Sat, 30 Jun 2012 11:28:03 GMT
An odd one. I made some invitations using an ornate font, laid out on a 
landscape page in Draw (OOo 3.2/ubuntu 10.04). Some text (in a text box) 
was font size 26pt, bold selected.

All looked well on-screen. However, when printed (either to paper or pdf 
printer) characters following a space appeared much bolder than the 
remainder - the effect was objectionable.

A little experimentation shows that
* the 'after space' characters are probably correct - it's the others 
that aren't bold enough. IMBW
* It only seems to affect certain fonts (I've tried Amazone BT and URW 
Chancery L, which show the problem; Times Roman does not)
* it only occurs for a landscape page - portrait works just fine. 
Presumably something in the font render doesn't like rotating the text.
* Altering font size doesn't seem to affect the problem (within the 
limits I've tried).

Exporting as PDF (rather going through the print dialogue) is fine too 
(which is my work-round for the time being).

Final note, because after writing the above, I put a duplicate of the 
text in a text box and rotated it 90 degrees. Shows that bold text /not/ 
rotated during printing is OK, text rotated during printing isn't bold 
enough except characters following a space. Weird.

Anyone else met this one?

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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