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From Gary Aitken>
Subject Dates changed on entry in database
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2012 04:19:47 GMT
I have a form connected to a mysql database with a datetime field.
The first time I enter a date for a new record, with the time portion of the field still empty,
the day is changed to be one day less.  For example, if I enter 2012-06-27 the date is reformatted
and changed to 06/26/12.  If I then clear out the date and time, and enter the time, the date
is set to 01/01/1800.
If I then try to change the date by deleting it and entering 2012-06-27 again, it always resets
to 01/01/1800.  What's going on?

Also, how do I change the default date display for everything in OO as a whole?

Or if that's not possible, how do I change the date display for a datetime field in a base
form?  I tried ungrouping the label + datetime field, then ungrouping the datetime field,
then doing Format but everything is greyed out.



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