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From "Girvin R. Herr" <>
Subject Re: [Solution] section problem
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 20:03:30 GMT
Back in March, I posted the following problem and received many 
responses, which I thank all the responders for, but nothing seemed to 
work for me.  Now, I am posting this solution I discovered in case 
someone else in the group could use it.  The solution seems to be that 
when I inserted my table into the new 2-column section, OO re-sized the 
table to fit the column width.  That is fine, but It appears that 
sections do not like this maximum size.  When I adjusted the table right 
margin to a bit less than the section column width, the appearance 
changed to what I expected and there were no blank pages inserted.
Hope this may help someone.
Girvin Herr

    I am using OO.o 3.3.0 [OOO330m20 (Build:9567)] under Linux. Â I have an 85
    page (so far) Writer document I am writing that includes a 4-page table
    which I am trying to place into 2 columns in an area of the document. Â I
    only want the table in a 2-column format, not the text before and after the
    table. Â I inserted a 2-column "section" before the table, selected the
    table, cut and pasted it into the new section and that's when strange things
    happened. Â The table starts out fine for the first 1.5 pages then, instead
    of continuing into the 2nd column on that page, there are 4 "blank" but
    unselectable phantom pages inserted before the remaining part of the table
    continues in column 1 again. Â These "blank" pages cannot be typed into nor
    do they have the section's column separator lines down the center. Â And yes,
    they do print as blank pages. Â Putting the cursor at the end of the last
    cell of the table's first part, using the cursor keys to step to the next
    cell, jumps over the "blank" pages to the beginning of the first cell of the
    2nd part of the table. Â This "feature" effectively turned my 4-page table
    into a 7-page table! Â That is *not* the direction I wanted to go in to save

    I tried this same procedure in a new document by copy-pasting the 1-column
    table into the new document and following the same procedure to create the
    2-column table section. Â Same result. Â So it isn't something else in the
    large, almost 10MB document. Â This is either a bug or something I am doing
    wrong. Â I followed the procedure in the OpenOffice Writer Guide, Chapter 4 -
    Formatting Pages; Using Sections for Page Layout.

    Does anybody know what is going on here? Is this a bug? Is it a known bug?
    Is there a work-around for this?
    Thanks in advance.
    Girvin Herr

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