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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Can you help me?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 12:53:40 GMT
Regina Henschel wrote:
> Hi Marge,
> Yes, we can help you.
> But please make it easier for us and more useful for the archive by 
> writing for each topic a separate mail and put the topic into the 
> subject line.
> Marge Schlitt schrieb:
>> I'm new to Open Office, and there are a couple of hurdles I can't 
>> overcome:
>> 1.  How do I change the default font to Helvetica? I know how to change
>> it every time I start a new file, but I want to have Helvetica every
>> time automatically.
> When a Textdocument is opened goto menu Tools > Options. There to 
> ' Writer' > Basic Fonts. This personal settings are used 
> for the default document template.
>> 2. How do I stop it from insisting that every time I enter a set of
>> numbered paragraphs that they be indented instead of left flush?  I want
>> to number things and place them where I want them, not where someone
>> else thinks they should go.
> Here two things come together. There is an automatism that changes 
> consecutive numbered lines to true lists. This resulting list has an 
> indent as default setting.
> Ways out:
> 1. Disable the automatism: Menu Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Dialog 
> page "Options". Deactivate the option "Apply numbering".
> 2. Do not type the numbering yourself but use a numbering style. Type 
> your first item without a number, open "Style and formatting" window 
> (e.g. via key F11), click on button "List styles", double click on one 
> of the predefined numbering styles. Right click on the style, click 
> 'Modify' and change the settings to your preferred style.
> If you will keep the automatically made list and only want to alter 
> its appearance, then right click a list item and choose 
> "Numbering/Bullets" from that context menu. In the dialog itself goto 
> tab 'Position' and set the indent as you want.
>> 3. Sometimes I have put some text into columns and then I want to change
>> my mind. How do I undo the columns?
> While cursor is inside such column goto menu Format > Sections. Click 
> on 'Remove' and OK.
>> 4. How can I get it to lay out landscape instead of vertical? When I go
>> to Format -> Flip,  the Flip message for vertical or landscape is grey
>> instead of black.
> Look into the status bar. Right click the second field from left, 
> likely 'Default'. Choose 'Landscape' from there. Tip: When you double 
> click that field, you can alter settings like margins, header and 
> footer area.
> There are a lot of information out there in the Web, which you will 
> find by a search engine. That gives you a quick access to the 
> information in the Wiki and the forum archive too.
> If you like a systematical way more, have a look at the "Getting 
> started" guides. For the very beginning it does not matter whether the 
> tutorials are for, Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
> Kind regards
> Regina
      The Getting Started with Writer and the Writer Guide are available at:
       The basics for both Apache OpenOffice and LibreOffice are the 
same as mentioned above. I suggest downloading Getting Started with 
Writer to start with. It will guide you in learning how to use Writer.


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