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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Can you help me?
Date Wed, 13 Jun 2012 10:08:15 GMT
Hi Marge,

Yes, we can help you.

But please make it easier for us and more useful for the archive by 
writing for each topic a separate mail and put the topic into the 
subject line.

Marge Schlitt schrieb:
> I'm new to Open Office, and there are a couple of hurdles I can't overcome:
> 1.  How do I change the default font to Helvetica? I know how to change
> it every time I start a new file, but I want to have Helvetica every
> time automatically.

When a Textdocument is opened goto menu Tools > Options. There to 
' Writer' > Basic Fonts. This personal settings are used 
for the default document template.

> 2. How do I stop it from insisting that every time I enter a set of
> numbered paragraphs that they be indented instead of left flush?  I want
> to number things and place them where I want them, not where someone
> else thinks they should go.

Here two things come together. There is an automatism that changes 
consecutive numbered lines to true lists. This resulting list has an 
indent as default setting.

Ways out:
1. Disable the automatism: Menu Tools > AutoCorrect Options > Dialog 
page "Options". Deactivate the option "Apply numbering".
2. Do not type the numbering yourself but use a numbering style. Type 
your first item without a number, open "Style and formatting" window 
(e.g. via key F11), click on button "List styles", double click on one 
of the predefined numbering styles. Right click on the style, click 
'Modify' and change the settings to your preferred style.

If you will keep the automatically made list and only want to alter its 
appearance, then right click a list item and choose "Numbering/Bullets" 
from that context menu. In the dialog itself goto tab 'Position' and set 
the indent as you want.

> 3. Sometimes I have put some text into columns and then I want to change
> my mind. How do I undo the columns?

While cursor is inside such column goto menu Format > Sections. Click on 
'Remove' and OK.

> 4. How can I get it to lay out landscape instead of vertical? When I go
> to Format -> Flip,  the Flip message for vertical or landscape is grey
> instead of black.

Look into the status bar. Right click the second field from left, likely 
'Default'. Choose 'Landscape' from there. Tip: When you double click 
that field, you can alter settings like margins, header and footer area.

There are a lot of information out there in the Web, which you will find 
by a search engine. That gives you a quick access to the information in 
the Wiki and the forum archive too.

If you like a systematical way more, have a look at the "Getting 
started" guides. For the very beginning it does not matter whether the 
tutorials are for, Apache OpenOffice or LibreOffice.

Kind regards

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