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From Dan <>
Subject Re: Apache - Open Office 3
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 01:07:54 GMT
Cristine K. Levine wrote:
> *Dear Ladies & Gents,*
> **
> *After deciding that the Apache Open Office 3 Product wasn't going to work
> out for me, I tried to uninstall it.  I tried every wizard, guide, and
> virtual genie available to get this program off my computer, all without
> success!!*
> **
> *Now, I am very unhappy with the Apache Open Office 3 Product, because I
> have sat here for over 3 hours trying to get rid of it, and I can't.  It is
> still sitting there, taking up 357.00 MB of space on my computer. *
> **
> *I went to your web-site, where I spent over 2 hot hours on your message
> boards trying to find an answer to this question that would work for me,
> and none did. *
> **
> *I need somebody from your offices to contact me via return email and
> communicate with me precisely, the line by line directions for uninstalling
> this program.  I will need first grade instructions on how to do this, as I
> am not a techy.*
> **
> *I would like this program removed from my computer as soon as possible, so
> I need somebody to please pay attention to this email and get back to me
> today.  *
> **
> *Sincerely yours,*
> *Cristine K. Levine*
      This type of problem usually occurs because of an icon in the 
System Tray (the icons next to the computer clock) when the person is 
using Windows.
      When installing AOO, the AOO's quickstarter is put in the System 
Tray. Because of its design, you can not remove AOO from your computer 
until you close it. Once you have done this, you can use delete AOO 
using Windows' method for removing programs.


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