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From Martin Groenescheij <Mar...@Groenescheij.COM>
Subject Re: Apache - Open Office 3
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2012 00:44:52 GMT
Dear Cristine,

First make sure that you don't start automatically 
OpenOffice when you start your Operating System.
In OpenOffice go to Options --> --> 
Memory ... Quickstarter and 
deselect _Load during system start-up_
If you're running Windows open the Task manager 
and end the soffice processes or just reboot your 
After this your able to uninstall OpenOffice.


On 11/06/2012 10:05 AM, Cristine K. Levine wrote:
> *Dear Ladies & Gents,*
> **
> *After deciding that the Apache Open Office 3 Product wasn't going to work
> out for me, I tried to uninstall it.  I tried every wizard, guide, and
> virtual genie available to get this program off my computer, all without
> success!!*
> **
> *Now, I am very unhappy with the Apache Open Office 3 Product, because I
> have sat here for over 3 hours trying to get rid of it, and I can't.  It is
> still sitting there, taking up 357.00 MB of space on my computer. *
> **
> *I went to your web-site, where I spent over 2 hot hours on your message
> boards trying to find an answer to this question that would work for me,
> and none did. *
> **
> *I need somebody from your offices to contact me via return email and
> communicate with me precisely, the line by line directions for uninstalling
> this program.  I will need first grade instructions on how to do this, as I
> am not a techy.*
> **
> *I would like this program removed from my computer as soon as possible, so
> I need somebody to please pay attention to this email and get back to me
> today.  *
> **
> *Sincerely yours,*
> *Cristine K. Levine*

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