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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: Formatting Complex Numbers
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2012 16:43:35 GMT
Hi William,
Easton, William schrieb:
> My complex numbers seem always to be displayed to full precision
> independent of what I set in Cell/Number. This is not beautiful.
> Suggestions? Comments?
> Much thanks for the responses to my earlier function query!

Because it is a text, there exists no difference between cell content 
and visual appearance of the content. If you will use the output from 
one calculation as input to another calculation, you need all figures to 
retain maximal accuracy. There exists no special number format for 
complex numbers, but the general text format is used. In addition, the 
syntax of complex numbers do not allow a blank inside the number, so you 
cannot wrap the entry.

This calculating on texts has the second shortcoming, that you have no 
local numberformat but always a decimal dot.

As workaround you might consider to write the complex number to a hidden 
row/column/sheet or to a cell with alignment "shrink to fit" and make 
the value readable by yourself with IMAGINARY() and IMREAL().

Or you have to write a set of macros and implement you own complex 
functions as array function.

You are indeed using complex functions? Then you might be interested 
watching ODFF: 
implement missing imaginary functions

Kind regards

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