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From Dan Lewis <>
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:19:26 GMT
Larry Gusaas wrote:
> Why did the moderators allow this piece of spam from an 
> unsubscribed poster to be sent to the list?
> It's only purpose is to get people to go to the website it 
> gives a link to.
> On 2012-06-05 12:24 PM wrote:
>> I have tried every way I can think of to contact you 
>> about a question I have regarding Impress. I refuse to 
>> pay $58 to a tech person, only to find out that your 
>> program doesn't have the following function. How do I 
>> download an internet powerpoint to Open Office Impress 
>> for use in my teaching. I have searched everywhere, 
>> including your user manual, for the answer to this 
>> question and have have come up empty. Certainly, others 
>> have wanted to use powerpoints on various websites for 
>> their presentations. Many powerpoints come in Microsoft 
>> format and are downloaded to Microsoft Powerpoint, but 
>> Open Office is supposed to be compatible with Microsoft 
>> Office. If you can't give me an email reply, please 
>> direct me to someone for help, other than a paid techie. 
>> Thanks. YOGI

      Simple question: If the OP is not subscribed to the 
list, how is he/she going to see the responses? No one seems 
to have sent a CC. If you noticed, I sent a CC.


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