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From Dan Lewis <>
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2012 19:08:21 GMT wrote:
> I have tried every way I can think of to contact you about a question I have regarding
Impress. I refuse to pay $58 to a tech person, only to find out that your program doesn't
have the following function. How do I download an internet powerpoint to Open Office Impress
for use in my teaching. I have searched everywhere, including your user manual, for the answer
to this question and have have come up empty. Certainly, others have wanted to use powerpoints
on various websites for their presentations. Many powerpoints come in Microsoft format and
are downloaded to Microsoft Powerpoint, but Open Office is supposed to be compatible with
Microsoft Office. If you can't give me an email reply, please direct me to someone for help,
other than a paid techie. Thanks. YOGI
      Maybe I am missing something in what you wrote. You 
download the powerpoint file to your hard drive using your 
Internet browser (probably IE if you are using Windows). 
Then open the file using Impress. Since the file will open 
in edit mode, you will then need to use the F5 key to run 
the slideshow.
      Another thought: Your browser may give you a choice: 
open the file with a program or save it to your computer. If 
so, you could select Impress as the program to use to open 
the file. But again, you use the F5 key to run the slideshow.


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