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From John Hart <>
Subject Re: [Calc] Feature request: Change default cell width from 2,27cm to 2,50cm
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2012 23:48:36 GMT
On 6/3/2012 11:31 AM, James Knott wrote:
> Johnny Rosenberg wrote:
>> So it seems like we
>> used the metric system for about 120 years by now, so I guess the inch
>> guys are a somewhat behind… ☺
> The U.S. is grouped with a couple of 3rd world countries with that.  
> You can thank Reagan for the U.S. being stuck in the past.  Carter had 
> plans for the switch, which Reagan then canceled.  However, IIRC, the 
> metric system is the official U.S. standard and has been for a very 
> long time.  It's just because of the "stick in the mud types", like 
> Reagan, that the U.S. didn't switch to metric for every day use.  
> However, it is creeping in, in manufacturing, science and elsewhere.  
> It's mainly the general public that hasn't clued in yet.  It's really 
> amazing what a little ignorance can do.

Why has this technical discussion degraded into a political bashing?

The Metric system is just as idiotic as the English. Metric measurement 
is good for people limited to thinking terms of ten, but it's hard for 
the eye to divide and a millstone around the neck of carpenters not 
using CNC.  So What!  Please keep the left wing political rants off the 

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