I wanted to find where to get technical support on a question so I started to Google it. Then I decided to just see if the answer was available already so I tried that first. What I found out was very disappointing and discouraging.

I do not want to be involved in or listen to a war.

I had Oracle OpenOffice installed. I installed LibreOffice after Oracle quit supporting OpenOffice. Now I downloaded and installed Apache OpenOffice into the OpenOffice folder effectively upgrading OpenOffice. However, it is using the old settings, and worse, the old template folder and history list.

Now I would like to import or merge the LibreOffice settings etc. into OpenOffice and make everything one again.

But instead what do I find? What seems to be a war. A stupid, inconvenient, unnecessary dispute between LibreOffice and OpenOffice. I have no patience with this nonsense. I do not care about the details. As far as I am concerned there should not be two programs still.  I want a resolution soon, so I can go on with my projects without any decision as to which of the two office suites is better or whatever the argument is. Until then I am not going into a forum where I ask how to import/merge LibreOffice with the Apache OpenOffice and receive whining about incompatibility, loss of features and a lot of other things that I don’t care about. I realize it may not be as bad as it seems, but I am reluctant to post in the forum anyway.

As  far as I am concerned Apache should have made sure all of the good features that are in LibreOffice would be in OpenOffice. LibreOffice developers and users should have expected that once OpenOffice was being continued and supported LibreOffice would no longer be needed and any developers should have been helping to develop OpenOffice.

Until AOO 3.5 comes out I guess I will continue to use LibreOffice.

Rod Lockwood (White Phoenix)
Rod’s Rants