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From "Rod Lockwood" <>
Subject Re: Open Office 3.4 problems
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 12:59:02 GMT
On Mon, 14 May 2012 20:17:30 -0400, Scooter C <>  

> Good Evening Mr. Hart,
> I take acception to your statement.
> If not for Microsoft (MS) /WE/ wouldn't be here.
> I started out on an Apple IIe, but it couldn't run AutoCad, next was an  
> Amiga in the 80s and an infant TurboCad which at the time was Open  
> source. The Amiga disappeared (a German graphics company bought it out)  
> and again I was orphaned (couldn't upgrade,too expensive for me).  I  
> switched to Microsoft's PC. and I'll stay with it. Do I have complaints  
> sure, but I'm comfortable with the system and the hardware. I earn a  
> living with Microsoft.
> I have had no problems with an install of AOO 3.4 over Ooo 3.3. I also  
> deleted Libre OO I no longer needed it. I installed LO because my  
> original Ooo 3.3 needed updating and I was confused about which one was  
> the real Open Office.
> I kept wondering until I tripped over a Google search and found both the  
> correct Open Office and this forum.
> Take Care.
> Scooter
> College Park, MD USA
> John Hart wrote   on 5/14/2012 7:25 PM:
>> On 5/14/2012 12:32 PM, John Boyle wrote:
>>> To Andrea: If it was simply an upgrade, as all others in that line up  
>>> to version 3.3 were upgrades, then you would not have to go in and  
>>> completely rearrange what you have on your computer to that install an  
>>> ALMOST completely different version of the program which would then  
>>> take your past data! Sounds to me like too many people are jumping on  
>>> this "Windows 7" mentality and making things as difficult as they can,  
>>> yet with that excuse that they been at it for so long that they should  
>>> know better than the users .AOO ver.3.4 is as close to a total rewrite  
>>> as one can be and yet allow the data to the used in it! I don't have  
>>> the time to play with my registry, nor all these other files that  
>>> people had to jump Through the hoops to get this "upgrade" to work! If  
>>> all these developers had been working on this project for 10 years, as  
>>> was said, WHY couldn't they make it a simple install over all of the  
>>> versions of OpenOffice that have been around? I have been urged to  
>>> switch to Libre Office for the very same reasons I have just stated! I  
>>> think that all the effort of 10 years work has simply been A  
>>> intellectual playground and the common user has just simply been  
>>> forgotten!:-( :-( =-O =-O
>> Microsoft, in order to maintain their monopoly, developed the parasitic  
>> install process causing your problem. Please don't blame it on people  
>> working for free trying to solve it for you. The reason they are  
>> advising people with problems to delete defective links is because  
>> Microsoft provides users with no tools to determine what is wrong. The  
>> links were most likely broken before the upgrade. Installing a program  
>> in windows is like a fungus growing into a tree.
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You didn’t mention Linux-Unix. Besides no one said anything about  
eliminating Microsoft. Only that they cause unnecessary problems in order  
to keep people from trying to use software other than theirs.

Rod Lockwood <>

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