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From NoOp <>
Subject [Resolved] Re: [linux] AOO 3.4.0 multiple crashes
Date Sat, 26 May 2012 20:34:51 GMT
On 05/26/2012 12:26 PM, NoOp wrote:
> On 05/26/2012 12:06 PM, NoOp wrote:
>> Hi Regina,
> ...
>> Simply renaming the profile may only show that the problem is in the
>> user profile, but won't point to the problem in the profile. Plus I'd
>> need to run it for several days, rebuild extensions etc. So, I'll see if
>> I can troubleshoot the existing profile first (all three machines have
>> the same) by moving all of the temp/tmp files out, check for any lock
>> files, and removing one extension at a time first & reinstall them to
>> see if perhaps it's a corrupt extension issue.
> ...
> Isn't a user profile issue, new profile & crashes the same. I'll rip out
> the existing install & reinstall to see if that makes any difference.

New install resolved the problem - old original profile w/extensions
etc., all work fine. Sorry for the noise.

PS: ran across an old bug in the process:
[do not read /etc/adabasrc for]
I've added information to the bug & asked that it be reopened.

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