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From Alexander Thurgood <>
Subject Re: PostgreSQL SDBC Driver fails to connect
Date Wed, 23 May 2012 15:27:55 GMT
Le 23/05/12 17:40, Ian "Witty" Whitfield a écrit :

Hi Ian,

> I'm trying to use the PostgreSQL: SDBC Driver, following the
> instructions on,
> with AOO 3.4.
> I have installed PostgreSQL Server on my PCLinuxOS 2012-2 machine.
> Started the Server in the Control Panel and downloaded the SDBC Driver.

Hmm, which version of the driver are you using ? The 0.76 one (as far as
I know that was the latest version made available) ? This was, hmm,
suboptimal on quite a few OS/arch combinations, i.e. as in it didn't
work at all in some cases, in fact I think it got broken at some stage
during 3.3.x development, and it wasn't updated all that regularly.

Certainly, with Mac OSX, I don't think a driver was ever made available,
and thus I could never test it with OOo. I ended up using the JDBC3
connector, which was indeed, slow (but usable with OOo for small
datasets). On Linux, I did the same.

> When I try to make a connection I select (as instructed), "Connect to
> existing Database", in step two it asks for Datasource URL and the
> instructions say this can be left blank if the Server is on the local
> machine (which it is). Whatever I enter in this box results in a "Failed
> to connect - Database does not exist". If I leave it blank I have no
> option to go on with the installation.

Perhaps someone will be brave/foolhardy/motivated enough to
update/rewrite the existing code that was made available as an extension
for OOo and provide that as a new updated extension for AOOo. Perhaps
even the original author could be persuaded to do so, if he/she can be
contacted, but I doubt it, external database connectors are not included
within the default AOOo project, to my knowledge, for reasons related to
incompatible licensing.


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