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From Jim Plante <>
Subject Two bugs(?)/malfunctions
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 17:03:42 GMT
I'm a real property appraiser and former user of NeoOffice. I stumbled over a link to AOO,
and installed it on my late-model iMac. Works great, generally. 

My reports usually run from 80 to 200 pages, with LOTS of pictures and graphics. I found that
on OOo 3.x (latest version compiled as a Mac binary), the document quit saving when it reached
about 150 pages. CPU use would go to 100%, and it would hang. Changed back to NeoOffice, and
saving worked fine, so I stuck with NeoOffice until Patrick started charging for incremental
updates. After installing AOO, I find that a 214-page document saves not only just fine, but
in less time than Neo or OOo took. Backup saves are also faster.

Just two things (so far) keep AOO from being ideal:

1) When a picture is inserted from a file, the pic is inserted in the right place, but when
it's finished, the cursor jumps to the end of the document. (My template is about 40 pages
long.) This is a minor inconvenience, since my subheads are in the navigation panel to the
left. Just double-click where you were, and you're back to writing about the picture you just

2) Auto-hyphenation doesn't seem to work at all. I've set it in the preferences, but it does
not auto-hypenate.

Would someone else who is working on a Mac please check these things to see if these conditions
can be replicated?


Jim Plante

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