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From "Paul M. Nguyen" <>
Subject Re: OO spreadsheet question
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 14:48:31 GMT
I believe the dialog box that appears when you attempt to open a .csv file
allows you to specify various characteristics of how the file is
structured. The fields could be tab-delimited or comma-delimited (or any
arbitrary character) and fields may be enclosed in other punctuation that
OOo can strip out for you in interpreting that file... Would you mind
attaching a couple rows worth of your sample input so we can help you find
the right import settings?

If your data looks like what is in the file I attached, then the correct
settings for you would be to set the Separator options to comma-delimited
and change the drop-down "Text delimiter" to a single quote (') instead of
backtick (`) which was the default on my system (OOo 3.3 on Mac OS X
10.6.8). You'll see the quotes removed in the preview before you finish
opening the file.

Good luck!

Paul M. Nguyen

On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 10:25 AM, Bill Dillinger <> wrote:

> When I download my bank statements they come as  .csv  files. When I
> open these in the Open Office spreadsheet the fields with numbers come
> in as characters and the formula window shows them to be preceded by
>  a quote, ', mark. I have looked through 'help' but have not found a way
> to remove the leading quote or to reformat the column to numbers so
> they can be used in calculations.
> I would appreciate it if someone would tell me how to change these columns
> of characters into numbers.

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