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From Jeffrey Deutsch <>
Subject [ooo-users] Dealing with unfamiliar emails - was Re: New Guy, Suggestion
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 14:19:12 GMT
Good afternoon Mike,

You're certainly right in that if you have a good email client, simply
opening unfamiliar emails (as opposed to unfamiliar *attachments*) is
not a major security issue for many people. That said, some people
don't want to risk getting phished, for example.

On the other hand, Bill is right in that it helps to know that a given
email is from this list. Otherwise it can be difficult to tell that
it's not spam, and it may even be missed entirely in the flood of
email so many of us get. So I support his suggestion that as with many
other lists - including my own newsletter list - each post's Subject:
line should include some kind of indication. (I've manually inserted
one here.)


Jeff Deutsch
Speaker & Life Coach
A SPLINT - ASPies LInking with NTs

Your mood can affect how you read this e-mail. Please read it with a smile.

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 9:57 AM, Mike Scott <> wrote:
> On 08/05/12 14:21, Bill Dillinger wrote:
>> I hope this is an appropriate idea to put forward and that it is OK to
>> post it here. I can not always clearly identify the subject or author of
>> an email from ooo-users as being from that list. I have always read
>> that, for security, one should not open mail one does not expect from an
>> unknown author. To reduce this problem other mail lists I am on precede
>> the subject with the name of the group in square brackets when sending
>> the mail to the group, as example [ooo-users] or perhaps in our case
>> simply [OOo] as some seem to use. If the list would do this I would be
>> much more comfortable opening emails with subject lines and authors I
>> don't recognize.
> I seem to recall the idea of such a prefix was discussed recently in a
> different context, and rejected.
> Perhaps a different approach would suit though - all email on this list
> comes from particular servers, so maybe your mail client could tag emails
> from them somehow; alternatively filter on the basis of the headers (which
> is what I do - I check 'to' and 'cc' and file matching messages in a
> separate folder.)
> Mind you, provided you're using a decent email client, there's no great
> security issue with simply reading an email. If possible, set to display any
> plain text alternative rather than html, and/or use a client that does its
> own html rendering and won't automatically follow external links (eg
> Thunderbird or Pegasus). But most definitely /don't/ open /attachments/
> unless you're absolutely sure what you're doing - and that includes anything
> sent here as well(*). Even an attached OO document can contain an embedded
> macro that could run on opening (check your OO security settings) and do
> "interesting" things to your machine.
> By the way, it's best to start a new thread as a completely new message
> rather than a followup with a subject change. Your posts will get tagged
> onto the wrong thread otherwise and possibly missed.
> --
> Mike Scott
> Harlow, Essex, England
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