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From Jeffrey Deutsch <>
Subject Re: [ooo-users] Dealing with unfamiliar emails - was Re: New Guy, Suggestion
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 15:30:25 GMT
Hello Mike,

(1) Yes, phishing only happens after you click on links. And burglars
can only steal your jewelry once they get to your actual jewelry box.
Many people like multiple lines of defense.

(2) Personally, I think putting the list name in the Subject: line is
a good, economical way of alerting people to list posts. That may be
why it's common practice.

I say economical because (1) it's much easier to code it into the
system once than for everyone else to set up their own filters, not to
mention (2) such a Subject: line tag may make those filters much more
useful in the first place.

(3) I'm not sure what point you're trying to make by re-putting
[ooo-users] in the Subject: line - maybe the point that if the system
did it automatically, individuals wouldn't see a need to do it
themselves and thereby possibly clutter it up?

(I've fixed up the Subject: line appropriately, including reflecting
my belief that whatever your views on the subject it is not

I respectfully suggest the list owners/managers consider doing this -
maybe after taking a membership poll?


Jeff Deutsch
Speaker & Life Coach
A SPLINT - ASPies LInking with NTs

Your mood can affect how you read this e-mail. Please read it with a smile.

On Tue, May 8, 2012 at 11:17 AM, Mike Scott <> wrote:
> On 08/05/12 15:19, Jeffrey Deutsch wrote:
>> Good afternoon Mike,
>> You're certainly right in that if you have a good email client, simply
>> opening unfamiliar emails (as opposed to unfamiliar *attachments*) is
>> not a major security issue for many people. That said, some people
>> don't want to risk getting phished, for example.
> Which won't happen unless you start clicking on links. I think perhaps one
> particularly insecure email client has given everyone the heeby-jeebies
> about reading emails :-)
>> On the other hand, Bill is right in that it helps to know that a given
>> email is from this list. Otherwise it can be difficult to tell that
> Yes....
>> it's not spam, and it may even be missed entirely in the flood of
>> email so many of us get. So I support his suggestion that as with many
>> other lists - including my own newsletter list - each post's Subject:
>> line should include some kind of indication. (I've manually inserted
>> one here.)
> ....and no. We've not long been round this one. There are better ways of
> checking this than overloading a subject line with extraneous clutter. IMO;
> YMMV; etc. :-}
> But isn't this exactly what mail filters and folders are for?
> (And btw, look how muddly the subject line could become - I too have
> manually added your same subject marker to make a point.)
> --
> Mike Scott
> Harlow, Essex, England
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