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From Tony <>
Subject Re: Why Microsoft: Microsoft Excel vs. Calc
Date Sun, 20 May 2012 11:43:00 GMT
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13:30 <gianp> Technodrome, Anyway, I use technologies that allow me to
create things and be productive.  I'm really not very interested in cults
of personality or developer fads.
13:31 <tonym> Hello! I'm doing some research on Microsoft Excel vs
OpenOffice Calc - exactly why is Excel better? Judging by battle videos
like these - - all Excel has is
a fancier GUI and a bunch of autocorrect features nobody ever needs. Or am
I wrong?
13:31 <gianp> I just would caution against being totally cynical about the
fact that a lot of people making a lot of money have settled on a very
small set of technologies because they think it gives them an advantage.
13:31 <gianp> They might well be right!
13:31 <@rmah> tonym: you are wrong
13:32 <tonym> rmah: Can you give me some real-world examples as to why?
13:32 <@rmah> Excel has more features for analyzing and processing tabular
data than you can imagine
13:33 <tonym> I understand you've spent a great deal of your life working
with Excel and that your ego probably is coming to the rescue here, but
OpenOffice Calc also has a lot of features for analyzing and processing
tabular data.
13:33 <@rmah> the formatting crap is fairly blah
13:33 <tonym> As for the features I *can't* imagine - I probably don't need
13:33 <@rmah> perhaps you don't
13:34 <@rmah> but that's not what you asked
13:34 <@rmah> you asked "all Excel has is a fancier GUI and a bunch of
autocorrect features nobody ever needs.  Or am I wrong?"
13:34 <tonym> I'm asking for real-world examples
13:34 <tonym> So I can help the OpenOffice community
13:34 <Technodrome> gianp:  twitter is failing me, but if you look at his
twitter its there, if your a scala guy you would know this :) ….it was a
big deal for them when he said that since hies the main twiter of most
scala books and many people use scala just because of lift
13:34 <@rmah> you can connect excel sheets to draw data from a variety of
data sources, ranging from SQL databases to web services
13:34 <gianp> tonym, OK.  The argument basically goes like this for any
piece of software with a significant install base:
13:35 <@rmah> you can then feed that data into a pivot table
13:35 chris_99 (~chris@unaffiliated/chris-99/x-3062929) has joined #startups
13:35 <gianp> A million users know how to use Excel.  OOO Calc is not
exactly Excel.  Therefore Excel is better.
13:35 <@rmah> you can then use do multi-scenario what-if analysis with
consolidation and validation
13:35 <tonym> rmah: Calc does that too though, I just crunched some serious
PostgreSQL and SQLite databases over here in the lab
13:35 <@rmah> you can then use that to create statistical summaries that
format based on conditionals
13:35 <gianp> For "Excel" and "Calc" there you can read any two things
where one is used by more people.
13:36 <@rmah> tonym: if OO Calc is enough for you, that's fine
13:36 <@rmah> but that was not your original claim
13:36 <tonym> rmah: Again, OO Calc has all the features you mentioned
13:36 <@rmah> ok
13:36 <gianp> People use Excel because they know how to use Excel well.
They don't use OO Calc because it doesn't work exactly the same way as
13:36 <tonym> So your claim that you've repeated over the past few days
that Excel is better, simply won't hold
13:37 <@rmah> tonym: ok
13:37 <gianp> tonym, See my much broader claim.
13:37 <tonym> gianp: Indeed
13:37 <gianp> There are a million programming languages that are better
than <mainstream language>, but they aren't the right tool for the job for
most people because they aren't exactly <mainstream language>
13:37 <tonym> its kinda like musical taste I guess where it's not actually
about the music but about the fact that that person *chose* it and made it
his own
13:38 <gianp> It's a little different to musical taste in the sense that if
I switch music tastes I lose nothing.
13:38 <gianp> If I switch software to something that makes me less
productive on account of the learning curve, I lose money
13:38 <tonym> true that man, true that
13:39 <tonym> lose soul maybe ;) but you cant measure that so
13:39 <tonym> hehe forget i said that

On Sun, May 20, 2012 at 1:23 PM, Tony <> wrote:

> Why Microsoft: Microsoft Excel vs. Calc<>
> Hello!
> Any chance Calc soon can embody these features as well so this video
> becomes redundant?
> Tony

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