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From Brian Barker <>
Subject Re: OO spreadsheet question
Date Thu, 03 May 2012 00:19:57 GMT
At 11:02 02/05/2012 -0400, Dan Lewis wrote:
>Frustrating isn't it?
>Create a column to the right of each column of numbers. (for 
>example, Column C has numbers in it beginning with cell C3). In cell 
>D3 enter this formula including =:
>          =VALUE(C3).
>Tap the enter key. Now cell D3 has C3's number as a value. It also 
>has a box around it with a little square at the bottom right of the box.

Er, no: D4 is now highlighted (and empty), not D3.

>Bring the cursor over it, and the cursor will turn to a +. Drag down 
>column D to the row containing the last number in column C. Do this 
>for each column of numbers. Then delete the columns of numbers with 
>a ' in front of all its numbers.

Close, but no cigar.  Once you delete the original values, the 
formulae can no longer produce the required results!  If you delete 
the values in column C, your D values will become zeroes; if instead 
you delete column C itself, the D values will be rendered as #REF! .

That could be just as frustrating.

Brian Barker

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