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From Scooter C <>
Subject Re: Total User confusion - resolved
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 02:09:34 GMT
Good Evening Mr. Weir & Mr. Cassia,

Mr. Weir:Thanks very much for your URL to your article.
Very comforting. I'm a user of Open Office not a programer, so some 
ideas are foreign to me.

Mr. Cassia "MY AOO" is in reference to how I feel about the program.
I have had to let go of so many things familiar and loved, it unnerves me.
Open-Source AOO is still new to me as are the participants and the 
assumption that I and other newbies know what your talking about. It 
becomes uncomfortable.

My profession is in the CAD & Construction world, which is expensive and 
constantly changing.
I earn a living with AutoCad and it sometimes makes me want to scream at 
all the drastic upgrades.
Microsoft's OS "upgrades" have the same effect.

The one area that was always "safe" was Open Office. It improved, but 
was always constant.
I truly dislike sudden change in my software, it rattles me and I don't 
like feeling stupid.

Take Care.
College Park, MD USA

Rob Weir wrote   on 5/29/2012 10:05 PM:
> On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 12:34 PM, Scooter C<>  wrote:
>> Good Afternoon Group,
> Hi Scooter,
>> The last few emails, Mr Cassia's comments and "Monumental weeping and
>> gnashing of teeth".
> This list was made as a combination of the old
> and lists.  So, as a subscriber, you will see
> some posts that are technical support related as well as community
> discussions.
>> Made me do some research on my own because this whole switch to Apache was
>> confusing and the research didn't clear anything up. I did get some
>> explanations of what happened to my Open Office and what Apache's
>> "incubator" means. Â The word itself makes me nervous. All it says to me is
>> that this is temporary, egg stage, incomplete.
>> I'll have to go through the "learning" stages all over again.
>> When my OOo 3.3 stopped updating, I knew my blissful use of Open Office was
>> at an end.
> We just had 2.2 million downloads of Apache OpenOffice 3.4.  I doubt
> even a fraction of 1% of then no or care what an "incubator" is.  Why
> should they?  Most users are happy and appreciative to download and
> use the software.  That's why we make it, for the public to use.
> But if you want an overview, I might suggest this interview with a
> very clever guy that sometimes is on this list:
>> I was aware of the change via an email in my former group.
>> I wasn't prepared for this apparent war, when I was forced to leave my
>> comfort zone to find Open Office.
>> Finding was not so easy, all my resources, including my group, were gone.
> Very little has changed, except for the email address.  The website is
> the same, the support forums are the same.  The wiki is the same.  The
> bugzilla is the same.  The product UI is the same.  Project volunteers
> went through a lot of pain and effort to make this migration as
> painless and transparent for users as possible,
>> A Search brought up LibreOffice, so I thought I found it and installed it.
>> Later I tripped over an article that mentioned Apache's take over of MY OOo
>> and installed it. I also found this User group. I felt at home and bristle
>> at negative comments about MY AOO in MY group! It used to be MS-Office jabs
>> at my chosen office application, now its other Open Office programs
>> represented by Mr. Cassia.!
>> This is supposed to be a USERS help line for AOO, not a bashing opportunity
>> for the disgruntled.
> I took Cassia's post as being more humorous, showing the over-the-top
> criticism that some of the fringe open source blogs have published.
> One way to look at it is this:  We'll never be able to escape
> criticism and FUD.  If LibreOffice was not attacking us, it would be
> Microsoft.   In fact, we should make it our goal to court a higher
> class of FUD ;-)
> Regards,
> -Rob
>> Take Care.
>> Scooter
>> College Park, MD USA
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