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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Total User confusion
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 16:46:33 GMT
Alexander Thurgood wrote:
> Le 30/05/12 17:03, Dan Lewis a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Sorry to butt in, but Approach was way simpler to set up and get
> something functional than anything OOo Base has ever provided.
>>       It does take some patience for a while to learn the difference in
>> the terms used. And it pays to be flexible.
> Hmm, flexible as in "being able to do the splits, juggle 5 balls with
> one hand, spit fire, and dance the tango on one leg all at the same
> time" ? ;-)
> To get the equivalent out of 30 minutes using Approach you would have to
> spend several days and much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth to get
> the same thing out of Base - the user experience just isn't the same -
> period, and it ain't getting any better :
> - dropped support for native mysql connections due to licensing issues;
> - dropped support for the Oracle Report Builder due to licensing issues;
> - non functional or incomplete ODBC connection implementations;
> - no multi-table querying/update DBF support - complete opposite of
> Approach - in fact DBF support in AOO Base is rudimentary, it was
> actually even better supported under StarOffice 3-5.1 ;
> - terrible JDBC query/retrieval performance via the UI or any of the
> wizards, including mailmerge, for anything more than a hundred datasets
> with 15 to 25 fields - even less than a 100 tuples can bring the app to
> its knees ;
> - paranoia inspiring instability of the integrated HSQLDB engine,
> resulting in complete loss or corruption of databases after a few
> hours/days of usage ;
> Need I go on ?
> But you can live with all of this if :
> - you know how to manage/secure your precious data outside of AOO ;
> - you know how program AOO to do the things that it just doesn't provide
> via the GUI, or use alternatives ;
> - you know how to use ODT/ODS templates and how to inject your external
> data sources into them, either via the UI, or via separate programming
> languages or document framework manipulation (php, perl, python).
> I am perhaps harsh here, but for me, Base is in no way comparable to
> anything like Approach, FMPro, etc.
> Alex
No, you don't need to go on: your rant is long enough. It 
was suppose to be about the differences in vocabulary used 
as well as the AOO facilities. We don't even know what the 
OP's problem is with these items: nothing specific has been 
mentioned yet.


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