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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: Recover lost records in OO Base?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 15:30:36 GMT
Andrew wrote:
> OO 3.3 Base.
> Is there a way to recover lost records?  I'd been 
> redesigning my form, after having entered some records.  I 
> know for a fact that I saved the data after each and every 
> record I entered - in fact I save almost every time after 
> I enter each field.
> My computer crashed (over 20 years since they designed 
> Windoze and it's still crashing - so sad), and OO went 
> through the recovery process.  I then went to close the 
> window with Base in it, and it asked me if I wanted to 
> save.  Knowing that I'd saved the data a million times 
> already, I said "no".  I reopened it only to find records 
> missing.
> Is there a way I can get those records back?  It's my only 
> copy of the data.  I was relying on OO.
> Thank you in advance for any info.

      I doubt that this is possible now. Once you said, 
"no", the records were gone.
      You said you saved the data many times. Where was the 
Save icon that you clicked to do this? Was it at the top 
left of the Base window, or was it at the bottom of the 
form? After you entered a record, what did you do to go to a 
new record so you could enter the next record?
      One thing to remember: the recovery process does NOT 
recover Base data that has not been properly saved. It will 
recover a Writer, Calc, or Impress document with 
limitations. Tools > Options > Load /Save > General. The 
right side of this window has a setting for AutoRecovery 
that tells AOO how often save the AutoRecovery information. 
The recovery process restores whatever was saved the last 
time OOo scanned the document.
      Base uses the HSQLDB database engine to do most of its 
work. Writer is used to create the forms and reports. But 
the database engine does the saving of everything that 
applies to Base documents. It is not part of the 
AutoRecovery function.
      When you first open your database, you see Icons in 
the Database section. Click the Tables icon. Now you should 
see your table listed in the bottom right part of the 
window. Double click it. Are part of your records still in 
the table?


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