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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Monumental weeping and gnashing of teeth
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 14:33:15 GMT
Sigh.  Zealots will always believe, and journalists will often write 
sensationalist teasers to drive traffic.

On 2012-05-29 9:08 AM, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> After "Can Apache OpenOffice still compete with LibreOffice?"
> comes another gem:
> Is Apache OpenOffice losing the race?

These claims (both are the same article, mostly) seem awfully thin when 
you see the 2 million+ downloads of AOO (which do not include 
auto-updates, by the way; only actual visitors to the mirrors 
downloading an installer)

> but wait, there's more:
> OpenOffice: a house of sand

Irrelevant comparisons and a glaring factual misstatement that I find 
hard to believe made it past editing start this article off:

"...Apache OpenOffice team inside Oracle was disbanded..."

that phrase makes no sense.  Oracle had a project called 
  They choose to stop funding development themselves, and instead 
granted the ASF a license to the (bulk of) the source code, and granted 
the ASF the trademarks.  In no way, shape, or form has an "Apache ... 
team" ever been part of Oracle.  Similarly, there are fundamental issues 
of governance between the ASF (and it's AOO project) and the TDF and LO 
which are glossed over.

The real issue is ideology.  I find the recent thread on legal-discuss@ 

Where Michael Meeks says explicitly:

"...The intention is to ensure that the modified files are made 
available not under the terms of the AL2, but under the terms of the 

Essentially, that's stating that LO explicitly wants to take *away* some 
of the freedoms that the AL grants to it's users - in particular, the 
freedom of users of AL software to keep their changes private.  I find 
this doubly striking given some of the painful rhetoric that LO 
supporters have leveled at Apache folk over the issue of relicensing.

Personally, I'm motivated to build software that allows the actual 
humans who want to use it the maximum freedoms, even if they want to use 
it privately (or commercially, even).  But that's just me.  Well, me, 
and a whole lot of Apache committers... and a whole lot of other 
companies, and individuals, and students, and researchers, and... 8-)

> I suggest the next sensationalist headline: "OpenOffice, that piece of ****
> nobody should use"
> ;-)
> FC

I suggest we focus on building great software - and here, answering user 
questions.   But smilies are good too.

- Shane

P.S. Apropos of nothing, a big thank you to the folks behind MarkMail, 
who offer some pretty nifty mail archive search features.  Yes, they use 
Apache code under the covers - and yes, they're happy to sell you their 
proprietary stuff too.

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