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From Reizinger Zoltán <>
Subject Re: [EXT] Oracle MySQL connector (was Mac OSX, Mysql native connector extension, and crashes)
Date Sun, 27 May 2012 17:02:09 GMT
2012.05.27. 18:51 keltezéssel, Ariel Constenla-Haile írta:
> Hi Alexander,
> On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 06:11:49PM +0200, Alexander Thurgood wrote:
>> Le 26/05/12 01:59, drew a écrit :
>> Hi Drew,
>>> I believe you missed an earlier decision by the group - that extension
>>> is no longer supported. No reason really to open a bug report.
>> No, I didn't ;-) but hell, I thought that seeing as it is still being
>> provided for download on the AOOo extensions site and that nothing on
>> there in relation to it says that it will probably no longer work, there
>> is an expectation by people who previously used OOo and then upgrade to
>> AOOo that the connector will continue to function.
> It looks like the owner of the account that uploaded that extensions is
> Oracle
> so changing this is beyond the Apache OpenOffice Project, in Ccing
> ooo-dev so that Andrew Rist, from Oracle, gets informed about this
> issue.
>> In other words :
>> - if it is supposed to work, then the project should attempt to ensure
>> that it continues to work ;
> If the bug is on the extension itself, AOO developers could fix the C++
> code that was granted by Oracle to the ASF, but we cannot build it nor
> relase it: the extension relies on LGPL (the C++ connector) and GPL (the
> C connector) components.
>> - if it is not supposed to work, then the project should either put up,
>> as a minimum, the fact that it is no longer supported on the extensions
>> website, or else pull the extension completely - obviously, pulling the
>> extension would upset those who still may have a use for OOo 3.2.1 or
>> 3.3.0 (myself included).
>> So I suppose, ultimately, the problem is one of communication by the
>> AOOo project to the broader slice of the unwitting population less
>> knowledgable about the decisions made earlier on in the year.
> It seems people *do* still download that extension:
> Downloads: Today: 100 | Week: 1,612 | Month: 5,404 | Year: 230,495
> I think that a good solution would be to upload a new version with the
> description.xml modified to include a MAXIMAL version:
> <dependencies>
>      < value="3.1" d:name=" 3.1"/>
>      < value="3.3" d:name=" 3.3"/>
> </dependencies>
> This will make the extension impossible to be installed in AOO>= 3.4
This will not good move, the connector or AOO 3.4 has some problems, 
only in Mac versions.
The extension works correctly at least for me, in windows and linux 
> Regards

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