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From Jack Schmidling <>
Subject Report editing
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 15:10:18 GMT
As a bit of background, I have been running a very old MSworks program 
since about 1985 and never found a reason to upgrade.  Purchasing a Win7 
machine presented a brick wall and I ended up dual booting it but this 
is a big pain.

After weeks of banging around trying to create a data base similar to 
the Works one that I use every day, I finally got one that works and I 
spent hours over the weekend hand entering the whole data base.

As a point of interest, it took less than an hour to learn to use the 
Works data base but I spent days learning this and I still do not 
understand it but I won't fix what works.

Now that I have the DB, I am lost trying to create a report that I can 

Using the Wizard, I end up with a very large font and lose half of the 
comment field off the edge of the page.  The date column is about 3" 
wide and the margins waste half the page.

I have given up trying to fix this.

Any help will be appreciated.

Jack Schmidling
Marengo, Il

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