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From James Knott <>
Subject Re: AOO always starts
Date Tue, 15 May 2012 02:28:16 GMT
James Knott wrote:
> Dan Lewis wrote:
>> On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 21:26 -0400, James Knott wrote:
>>> Dan Lewis wrote:
>>>> On Mon, 2012-05-14 at 18:53 -0400, James Knott wrote:
>>>>> I recently installed AOO 3.4 on Windows 7.  For some reason, it 
>>>>> always
>>>>> starts when I boot up the computer, despite "Load 
>>>>> During
>>>>> System Start-Up" not selected.
>>>>> Any ideas about how to stop it starting?
>>>>> tnx jk
>>>>        One thing I have noticed on my computer that is different 
>>>> from the
>>>> OOo.3.3 is that AOO 3.4 has a Quickstarter for Linux. I very seldom
>>>> shutdown or reboot my computer. But when I log out of one user's home
>>>> directory to go to another, AOO opens. This happens every time I do
>>>> this.
>>>>        Since this is the only change I have made, I believe that
>>>> this may be the cause. Further proof: I disabled quickstarter, logged
>>>> out, and logged back in. AOO did not start.
>>> I have LibreOffice on my Linux systems.  However, I have supposedly
>>> disabled the quick starter with that setting I menitoned.  Previously,
>>> even with the quick starter enabled, the OO didn't open until you 
>>> wanted
>>> it to.
>>       I forgot to mention that when I used OOo with Windows 98SE with 
>> the
>> Quickstarter. As you wrote, OOo did not open of start up unless it was
>> listed as one of the programs to do so. Quickstarter would not do that
>> by itself.
>>       The only thing that I can suggest it to disable the Quickstarter
>> and then restart your computer. If AOO starts on bootup, then there is
>> something else going on. If it doesn't start on bootup, then that was
>> the problem.
>>       Disabling Quickstarter worked for me in Linux, and it might also
>> work for you in Windows.
>>       Does the msconfig still work in the Command line in Windows? It 
>> use
>> to have a tab containing the programs that should open on bootup. Just a
>> thought.
> I checked that misconfig and AOO is not listed.  The computer has been 
> booted several times since I veriftied that setting was turn off.  In 
> fact, I have never turned it on.  Also, it appears to affect only one 
> user.

Found the problem.  There was a shortcut in the Startup folder which had 
to be manually deleted.  Once that was done, that setting worked as it 
should and deleted the shortcut when the quick starter was disabled.

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