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From John Boyle <>
Subject Re: Open Office 3.4 problems
Date Sun, 13 May 2012 23:55:10 GMT
On 5/13/2012 11:57 AM, M Henri Day wrote:
> 2012/5/13 John Gregson<>
>> Henri.
>> I believe that this problem is solved.
>> I'll past in a message that I sent to to the List a few days ago.
>> ------------------------------**------------------------------**
>> ------------------------------**-------------
>> This us an update of the problem that I was having.
>> I am using Win 7-32
>> Again my thanks to Hagar who tried to help, but my computer knowledge is
>> limited.
>> I think that I fixed it; time will tell.
>> I deleted all copies of OO 3.3&  3.4
>> Then when into Windows Explorer and found an Open Office folder at:
>> C:\user\AppData\roaming;
>> I deleted this folder.
>> Ran my Registry Cleaner (was this necessary ?)
>> Downloaded and installed fresh install file.
>> The program seems to be working; I opened several files (.odt&  ods) made
>> some
>> changes, then saved them.
>> Again time will tell; not certain why the above worked.
>> John.
>> ------------------------------**------------------------------**
>> --------------------------
>> Hope the above is of interest.
>> It is my opinion that the install file from Apache should have taken care
>> of all this.
>> John.
> Glad you got it sorted out, John ! The procedure you outline above is often
> the best way to go when a download causes problems....
> Henri
To Users: I echo the last comment of John Gregson. I have found, due to 
my limits, whatever they are, that any time a download does NOT simply 
override the earlier issue, that the download is just NOT   WORTH THE 
TROUBLE! I have NEVER understood why developers do these kind of things 
WITHOUT taking into consideration the FACT that NOT ALL users are 
programmers and never will be! I am either staying with OOo ver. 3.3 or 
switching to LibreOffice, but "UPGRADING" TO AOO VER. 3.4 is TOTALLY 
OUT! It is obvious to me that it is NOT an "UPGRADE" but a COMPLETE 
REWRITE, AND should have been labeled as such !! I have too much time 
already wasted on all the "UPGRADES" and can NEVER recover that time, 
but I WILL NOT waste any more time doing UNNECESSARY upgrades when I can 
spend the time doing productive work!!!  I had been under the impression 
the reason for the effort was because the program was being dropped by 
its original developers, and NOT that it was, also, being used as an 
excuse to REWRITE the program, completely, and all I can say is too bad 
the developers did NOT spell out the TRUTH, clearly and concisely!:-( 
=-O :-( :-\

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