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From Mike Scott <>
Subject [ooo-users] OT Re: [ooo-users] Dealing with unfamiliar emails - was Re: New Guy, Suggestion
Date Tue, 08 May 2012 15:17:23 GMT
On 08/05/12 15:19, Jeffrey Deutsch wrote:
> Good afternoon Mike,
> You're certainly right in that if you have a good email client, simply
> opening unfamiliar emails (as opposed to unfamiliar *attachments*) is
> not a major security issue for many people. That said, some people
> don't want to risk getting phished, for example.

Which won't happen unless you start clicking on links. I think perhaps 
one particularly insecure email client has given everyone the 
heeby-jeebies about reading emails :-)

> On the other hand, Bill is right in that it helps to know that a given
> email is from this list. Otherwise it can be difficult to tell that


> it's not spam, and it may even be missed entirely in the flood of
> email so many of us get. So I support his suggestion that as with many
> other lists - including my own newsletter list - each post's Subject:
> line should include some kind of indication. (I've manually inserted
> one here.)

....and no. We've not long been round this one. There are better ways of 
checking this than overloading a subject line with extraneous clutter. 
IMO; YMMV; etc. :-}

But isn't this exactly what mail filters and folders are for?

(And btw, look how muddly the subject line could become - I too have 
manually added your same subject marker to make a point.)

Mike Scott
Harlow, Essex, England

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