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From drew <>
Subject Re: Recover lost records in OO Base?
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 15:16:42 GMT
On Wed, 2012-05-30 at 07:40 -0700, Andrew wrote:
> OO 3.3 Base.
> Is there a way to recover lost records?  I'd been redesigning my form, 
> after having entered some records.  I know for a fact that I saved the 
> data after each and every record I entered - in fact I save almost every 
> time after I enter each field.
> My computer crashed (over 20 years since they designed Windoze and it's 
> still crashing - so sad), and OO went through the recovery process.  I 
> then went to close the window with Base in it, and it asked me if I 
> wanted to save.  Knowing that I'd saved the data a million times 
> already, I said "no".  I reopened it only to find records missing.
> Is there a way I can get those records back?  It's my only copy of the 
> data.  I was relying on OO.
> Thank you in advance for any info.

Hi Andrew,

Well, info I might have, help is a different matter.

I will assume you are working with a default style Base database
(meaning with data embedded in ODB file), if so, this type of file uses
an in memory database - posting or committing a record to the database
does not immediately save the data to disk. (just as saving edits to a
form does not save this to the disk) The only way to force a save to
disk is to save the file explicitly. 

It is likely then, unfortunately, that if you did not save the actual
file when prompted that the data you entered was never written to disk. 


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