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From drew <>
Subject Re: Report editing
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 17:20:17 GMT
On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 09:10 -0600, Jack Schmidling wrote:
> As a bit of background, I have been running a very old MSworks program 
> since about 1985 and never found a reason to upgrade.  Purchasing a Win7 
> machine presented a brick wall and I ended up dual booting it but this 
> is a big pain.
> After weeks of banging around trying to create a data base similar to 
> the Works one that I use every day, I finally got one that works and I 
> spent hours over the weekend hand entering the whole data base.
> As a point of interest, it took less than an hour to learn to use the 
> Works data base but I spent days learning this and I still do not 
> understand it but I won't fix what works.
> Now that I have the DB, I am lost trying to create a report that I can 
> print.
> Using the Wizard, I end up with a very large font and lose half of the 
> comment field off the edge of the page.  The date column is about 3" 
> wide and the margins waste half the page.
> I have given up trying to fix this.
> Any help will be appreciated.

hello Jack

Well, you entered all the data by hand - any chance I could take a look
at the database you crated without any of the data.

Help with a report - is there any chance  could see the structure of the
table(s) - I don't need to see any data per se..

If you created a default type Base file (data is stored in the ODB file)
then you can just copy the file, open the copy, open each table, select
all records and delete them.

with just the main Base file open (tables closed) open the SQL window
(Tools>SQL) and enter this command:

When this executes, in Status field you will see:
1: Command successfully executed.
Close the file and this copy of the file is clean of any data.

If you would be willing share that file with me, I'd see what I could to
take through getting a report as you want.



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