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From Dan Lewis <>
Subject Re: OO spreadsheet question
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 15:02:35 GMT
On Wed, 2012-05-02 at 10:25 -0400, Bill Dillinger wrote:
> When I download my bank statements they come as  .csv  files. When I
> open these in the Open Office spreadsheet the fields with numbers come
> in as characters and the formula window shows them to be preceded by
>   a quote, ', mark. I have looked through 'help' but have not found a way
> to remove the leading quote or to reformat the column to numbers so
> they can be used in calculations.
> I would appreciate it if someone would tell me how to change these columns
> of characters into numbers.

     Frustrating isn't it?
     Create a column to the right of each column of numbers. (for
example, Column C has numbers in it beginning with cell C3). In cell D3
enter this formula including =:
         =VALUE(C3). Tap the enter key. Now cell D3 has C3's number as a
value. It also has a box around it with a little square at the bottom
right of the box. Bring the cursor over it, and the cursor will turn to
a +. Drag down column D to the row containing the last number in column
C. Do this for each column of numbers. Then delete the columns of
numbers with a ' in front of all its numbers.
    There may be a simpler way to do this that I have forgotten from the


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