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From "特工杀手001" <>
Subject some suggestion for openoffice development
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2012 10:01:37 GMT
dear developer of openoffice:     
     I had used openoffice for 3 years .But,I think the development of it fell into a mistack------you
lost your self!The UI of you is look like ms office more and more.
     And then,I'm streng about that why don't you try to that your function better?There are
lots of function which ms office has but you havn't!
     There is a new UI in the "ppt" of openoffice:that black square which can add some media
into it.But,Why don't you try to use this to be the 4.0 UI of openoffice 4?
    At the same time,you can have a try,to let the function to add media better:more format
or more media,and you can try to let "ppt" be like flash,for some profational "ppt" maker.
    And the art font has some problem while it save by a imagge,and the type of it are not
very many.I think I need not to tell any thing more about it.
                                                          have a good time with no over float
                                                                         a user
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